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Vision & Mission

  • VISSION: Model Co-operative Milk Dairy in the Country
  • MISSION: Ushering Rural Prosperity in the lives of Member Milk Producers
  • Bamul is also organizing Consumer Awareness Programme as a part of Market Development to create awareness of “Nandini” Milk through personal contacts, Door to Door campaigns, Organisational Meetings, School Children Mega Dairy Plant visit etc., are conducted regularly.
  • Milk Product Block within the campus to manufacture Butter, Ghee, Peda, Flavoured Milk, Spiced Butter Milk, Paneer, Set Curds etc.,
  • Bamul has planned new project to convert Hosakote Chilling Center into a 2.0.LLPD Capacity Dairy with an investment of Rs.2427.00 Lakh and a New Product Block at Bangalore Dairy Premises with an investment of Rs. 2033.00 Lakhs.
  • Mega Dairy with a capacity to process 6 lakh litres of milk per day expandable to 10 llpd has been built by investing Rs. 38.70 crores. The Mega Dairy, has latest state-of-the-art technological facilities in dairy processing and the Union will have the ability to manufacture milk and milk products to world class standards.
  • The strategy of Bangalore Milk Union is “Procure More, Sell More & Serve More” and reaping the benefits of economies of scale.
  • Importance has been given to enroll more and more milk producers in the villages as members of these DCSs. While enrolling these members, more emphasis is being accorded to enroll more number of women members and to organize more women managed DCSs under STEP (Support to Training and Employment Program for Women).
  • Ultimately, the complex network of co-operative organisation should build a strong bridge between masses of rural producers and millions of urban consumers & achieve a socio-economic revolution in the village community.
  • Achieve economies of scale of rural milk producers by ensuring maximum returns and at the same time providing wholesome milk at reasonable price to urban consumers.
  • The philosophy of this co-operative milk producers organisation is to eliminate middlemen and organise institutions owned and managed by milk producers, by employing professionals.