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  • Bamul is marketing milk and milk products in the brand name of “Nandini” through 1280 retailers, 38 Franchisee Outlets, 26 Milk Parlors, 240 distribution routes.
  • The milk procurement price paid is Rs.21.66 for every Kg of milk supplied by the Union. Which is 80% of total cost of production.
  • The milk procurement has increased by 11% when compared to the last year.
  • The Unions daily average milk procurement is 9.40 lakh Kgs, which works out to be 510 kgs per day per DCS.
  • Bamul has SEVEN Chilling Centers geographically located around Bangalore and 85 Bulk Milk Coolers at DCS Level.
  • Milk collected at DCS will be transported to Chilling Centers, through 110 Milk Procurement Can Routes, by traveling 18,410 KMs every day. 23 Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC) Routes are also in operation, which collects milk from 121 BMC centers of 344 DCS directly transported to Bangalore Dairy through insulated tankers.
  • As on NOVEMBER 2012 there are 1886 DCS in these DCS , there are 3,39,906 milk producer members are enrolled and out of which 1,11,585 are women and 45,216 members belong to Schedule caste and 15,648 members belongs to schedule Tribes.
  • In these DCSs, there are 3,35,944 milk producer members. Among them 1,09,988 members are women and 664 members belong to schedule caste and 15,530 Schedule Tribes.
  • The milk shed area of Bamul comprises of 2611 revenue villages. As of now the Union has organized 1868 Dairy Co-operatives Societies (DCS) in 2425 villages, there by covering 87% of the total village in these two districts.